Summer MUST Haves!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but things are definitely heating up here in the great state 48, Arizona! We have already reached temperatures of almost 100 degrees in April, which means protecting your skin is a priority! I have included a few of my essential daily products to keep my skin healthy through these long, hot summer months.

Maybelline BB Cream is my first go to product. It sets the stage for my makeup for the day. It isn’t a foundation, it is actually a tinted moisturizer. So you get the coverage you want, while also being kind to your skin. As if being a moisturizer isn’t enough, this product also contains a titanium dioxide sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 30!

The next product is my new favorite! Colorscience brush on sunscreen; yep you heard right, BRUSH ON! As in, it is makeup! This is a total game changer. It is a powdered makeup sunscreen that comes in various tints to match your skin tone. It is recommended that you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and this is the perfect way to reapply on top of your makeup!

No matter how much protecting agents you use, you are bound to have some dead skin. This ORG Skincare Mineral Peel Face is the best, most gentle exfoliant there is! You simply spray it on your face, wait a few seconds, then gently exfoliate and you can visibly see the dead skin coming up to unveil healthy new skin underneath. It is hands down, the most gentle, non abrasive exfoliant I have ever used.

Protecting your skin provides so many benefits. Extended youth, vibrant beauty, and long lasting health! Find affiliate links to purchase each of these amazing beauty products by clicking on their image!